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“The Craft of Coffee” takes skill, passion, knowledge, experience and perseverance. Wolff College of Coffee offers educational courses that are tailor designed to help people unlock the mystery of this craft, empowering all to be the best they can at roasting, cupping, sensory development, latte art, espresso and brewed coffee barista practices.

The Wolff College of Coffee YouTube Channel is an insight into the exciting world of Specialty Coffee with some of the world’s most respected coffee professionals, innovators and educators; offering Vlogg episodes showcasing our coffee with character and Master Roaster, Peter Wolff.

You can watch the episodes on our website or via our Youtube Channel.


Green Coffee | Prior To Roast

Green Bean Density

Moisture Content in Green Coffee

A Shakedown on Green Bean Screen Sizes

Sorting Out Green Bean Defects

The Seasonality of Coffee


Brewing | Espresso Fundamentals

Brew Ratios

Grind & Extraction

Dosing & Distribution

Tamping & Brew


Roasted Coffee | Post Roast

Breaking Down Coffee Cupping

Identifying Flavours in Brewed Coffee

Penny Wolff Introducing the Flavour Wheel/b>

Developing Espresso Tasting Notes

The Freshness of Roasted Coffee


Beverage Recipe

Making a Flat White and Café Latte