Wolff College of Coffee

2019 SEMESTER 1 & 2


Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Beginner Course

Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Intermediate Course

Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Advanced Course

Mastering Latte Art

Barista Pathway Package – 3 Courses

Barista Pathway Package – 2 Courses

Young Gun Barista

Getting a foot in the door for that barista job you’ve always wanted can seem impossible when experience and knowledge is often a prerequisite to a role in a cafe. At Wolff College of Coffee the  six week Young Gun Barista Course aims at closing that gap and enabling school-aged participants with the skills to hit the ground running. Ideal for students, this course is suited to those looking to gain experience before obtaining employment in a cafe for the first time.


Mastering the Craft of Coffee Roasting & Cupping – Beginner Course

Mastering the Craft of Coffee Roasting & Cupping – Advanced Course

Roasting Pathway Package – 2 Courses

Roasting Experience

Mastering the Craft of Cupping and Sensory Development

This half day course is a celebration of all the pleasures of drinking specialty coffee. Learn how to unlock your senses and develop the correct language in describing what you are experiencing in the cup. We will introduce you to the newly reinvented Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel and expose you to the craft of flavor matching.


Coffee Tasting

Coffee Experience

This course is suited to the lover of all things coffee! With opportunity to explore in conversation, we’ll follow the most cherished fruit of the coffee all the way from its’ origins of flavour in to the Roastery. The experience will lead us through a sample roasting where first hand you’ll see the changes coffee goes through on it’s journey to being turned brown and discover new ways to taste and smell the nuances. From this vantage, brewing on espresso machines we delve in to the ideal espresso recipes and a good buying guide to your coffee purchases. 

Private Consultation


At the Wolff College of Coffee, we are committed to coffee quality, flavour, education and innovation. Specialised training facilities within our premises include our Cupping Room, Barista Studio, and Roasting Studio all designed for coffee education. We also offer consultancy and training off site, at your business location. Additional costs of transport and accommodation may be incurred.

If you would like to know more information please contact a member of our education Team 07 3267 5551 or email education@wolffcoffeeroasters.com.au