Wolff College of Coffee

"It is through the forest that you will learn the secrets of the little red fruit."

Traditionally “old school” roasting was taught like that of an elder and was passed down through a mentoring process.

“The Craft of Coffee” takes skill, passion, knowledge, experience and perseverance. Wolff College of Coffee offers educational courses that are tailor designed to help people unlock the mystery of this craft, empowering all to be the best they can at roasting, cupping, sensory development, latte art, espresso and brewed coffee barista practices.

The Wolff College of Coffee offers an array of courses. Each course covers very specific topics and information providing little or no overlap between the courses; with training and education for the beginner through to the experienced. Included on offer are a Beginner and Advanced courses for Coffee Roasting, Beginner and Advanced courses for Mastering the Craft of Espresso, a Brewed Coffee and Latte Art Course, a Cupping and Sensory Development Course and a free Cupping Forum offering sensory development to the general public every month.

Traditionally the craft of roasting was taught by the mentoring process, whereby the Master Roaster and the learner stood next to the roaster; the elder and his student. The Master Roaster shared her/his knowledge and experience verbally and talked the learner through the paces of roasting. Sadly, this ritualistic approach to learning has faded, and many of the “so called secrets” of the industry are not shared.

Today in an era reflecting sound social justice practises and empowerment for all, Master Roaster, Peter Wolff is bringing it back “old school”. He will share his knowledge gained from over 30-years of roasting, and mentor his learners through the traditional methods of roasting. Our highly skilled and industry recognized Trainers and Baristas will also mentor you through our selection of other courses.



Mastering the Craft of Coffee Roasting & Cupping – Beginner Course

This three day course will introduce you to the drum roaster, its operation, safety and maintenance procedures, basic concepts of heat application and airflow. We will establish basic measurement tools and establish best practices for workflow.

Mastering the Craft of Coffee Roasting & Cupping – Advanced Course

This Advanced Roasting Course is tailored for those who have first completed the Mastering the Craft of Roasting & Cupping – Beginner Course. Focus now moves on to slow and fast ramping profiles, managing Rate of Rise curve to help you gain the practical direct experience through using Cropster and similar products. Explore new and unique flavour profiles that can be achieved when two or more coffees are brought together.   Begin to understand the intricacies involved in coffee roasting and blending in order to achieve balance and synergy in the cup.

Mastering the Craft of Cupping and Sensory Development

This half day course is a celebration of all the pleasures of drinking specialty coffee. Learn how to unlock your senses and develop the correct language in describing what you are experiencing in the cup. We will introduce you to the newly reinvented Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel and expose you to the craft of flavor matching.


Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Beginner Course

This course will introduce the budding barista to the theoretical and practical components of crafting espresso. It will provide an education in the fundamentals of dialling in tasty coffee and texturing silky smooth milk. You will learn all the essential techniques required to be a gun barista!

Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Intermediate Course

This workshop picks up where the Beginner Course finishes on the pathway to becoming a barista. Having covered the fundamentals of espresso making, we now enter the Intermediate Course with the focus being on cafe workflow & customer service.

Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Advanced Course

This course is designed to enhance the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the barista who already has a basic understanding of espresso coffee. Theory will cover TDS, extraction percentage, brew ratio and the Maillard Reaction. We will teach you how to take your coffee to the next level of deliciousness!

Mastering Latte Art

This course will introduce the budding or inexperienced barista to the practical components of mastering impressive latte art. It will provide an education in the fundamentals of pulling the perfect shot and texturing silky smooth milk to assist in achieving crisp latte art. You will be learn all the essential techniques required to create various designs of latte art!

Young Gun Barista

Getting a foot in the door for that barista job you’ve always wanted can seem impossible when experience and knowledge is often a prerequisite to a role in a cafe. At Wolff College of Coffee the  six week Young Gun Barista Course aims at closing that gap and enabling school-aged participants with the skills to hit the ground running. Ideal for students, this course is suited to those looking to gain experience before obtaining employment in a cafe for the first time.

Meister Barista

This is the perfect package for those beginning their journey in specialty coffee. The necessary essentials as you begin your pathway to becoming a barista.


Roasting Experience

This is the perfect experience for the coffee enthusiast, or those who want to begin their journey in understanding the bean that makes the perfect cup.  The gift with a difference for the person who has everything.

Coffee Experience

This course is suited to the lover of all things coffee! With opportunity to explore in conversation, we’ll follow the most cherished fruit of the coffee all the way from its’ origins of flavour in to the Roastery. The experience will lead us through a sample roasting where first hand you’ll see the changes coffee goes through on it’s journey to being turned brown and discover new ways to taste and smell the nuances. From this vantage, brewing on espresso machines we delve in to the ideal espresso recipes and a good buying guide to your coffee purchases. 

Coffee Tasting

Over the past 30 years we have had the opportunity to work with many coffee producing families, co-ops and communities. We have created a unique coffee tasting that gives you the opportunity to taste coffee and get a better understanding of the connection between the farmer, the roaster and the consumer. As a group we will explore coffee varieties by tasting a selection of coffees from espresso through to milk based coffees. This is a fun experience where you should walk away feeling caffeinated and educated by one of our industry trained leaders.

Private Consultation


At the Wolff College of Coffee, we are committed to coffee quality, flavour, education and innovation. Specialised training facilities within our premises include our Cupping Room, Barista Studio, and Roasting Studio all designed for coffee education. We also offer consultancy and training off site, at your business location. Additional costs of transport and accommodation may be incurred.

If you would like to know more information please contact a member of our education Team 07 3267 5551 or email education@wolffcoffeeroasters.com.au