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19 July 2018

Queensland AeroPress Championship Hosted by Wolff Coffee Roasters

Okay, this is how it rolls…

The World AeroPress Championship (WAC) have been around since 2008. Since that time; competitors have created new ways to press, prepare and even present their final brew.

Hard, to believe by some I know, but WAC is indeed a global coffee-making competition, designed to find the world’s best cup of AeroPress coffee. Each season a series of regional and national competitions are run and independently hosted across 60 countries, which culminates with the World AeroPress Championship final. Again in 2018 Wolff Coffee Roasters is super excited to be hosting the Queensland AeroPress Championship on the 15th August 2018 3pm – 9pm (why not it’s Ekka Peoples’ Day).

The best thing is AeroPressing is all about the coffee. No fancy latte art, no hours upon hours waiting for a cold drip, no bells and whistles that come along with nitro, just serious coffee without being too serious.

If you live and breathe coffee but have never witnessed the AeroPress Championships; now is your time. If you’re hearing about this amazing new brew style for the first time right this second and are keen to learn more, get yourself an AeroPress from our online shop or instore at Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar.

Whether you’re a 9-5 working professional (who drinks way too much coffee), just a coffee lover, retail worker, life learner, caffeinated kid, or even moonlight as a lumberjack-bearded shot slinger; This event is awesome and for you.

This year all the proceeds raised will be donated to Dancing CEO’s for Women’s Legal Service Qld, on behalf of Wolff Coffee Roasters. Giving to others is important to the team at Wolff Coffee Roasters, through this event we hope to raise much needed finds to assist women experiencing domestic violence.

Spectator admission is $10 (which includes one beverage kindly supplied by BrewDog Australia). As well as witnessing many competitors work their AeroPress magic, Wolff Coffee Roasters are providing a gourmet sausage sizzle (with BrewDog Elvis Juice Grapefruit infused IPA onions), beer and cold drinks available to purchase. Spectator tickets are limited so get in fast folks.

Author: Penny Wolff



11 July 2018

Urgency Addiction

On the 3rd July I had the pleasure of attending an introduction to Holistic Decision Making Workshop with Dan Palmer. The workshop was a fluff free assistant in understanding the practice of Alan Savoy’s Holistic Management Decision Making Framework and also the ideas in Robert Fritz’s book The Path of Least Resistance.

During this workshop one particular area raised by Dan really resonated and I believe many others who attended, similarly related, the common bond being we all worked heavily in hospitality businesses. Having gained some experience in the service industry personally and working the floor of numerous cafe businesses, one develops a sense of important urgency that only those who work in hospitality can really understand.

Honestly it is like an addiction to urgency. Let me set the scene of how everything becomes urgent and important. Customers keep rolling through your door (yippee!), you do this, do that, make this, serve first, seat next, answer that call, heat that muffin, ring that supplier, make this espresso, assist that customer, serve this table, wipe that spill. Oh yes you become a whiz at making decisions instantly and with an ever so urgent important flair. Everything seems so important at once and you do your best to keep all customers happy. But really most of it is not important, nor even urgent. Oh yes, my name is Penny Wolff and I am an urgencyaholic.

But what actually happens when you clock off from work? If that is even such a thing. Well you actually struggle to clock off from urgency important mode. Continuing to deal with everything like it is an emergency. Dan highlighted the significance of recognising that there are actually four quadrants to this Urgency/Importance Matrix.

1. Important Urgent
2. Important Not Urgent
3. Not Important Urgent
4. Not Important Not Urgent

Have you completely lost sight of what is actually urgent and what is actually important? My addiction meant I would just push through and make things happen. Not anymore folks, time to come down off the high of the day and recognise that some decisions are actually not urgent and there is actually something else more important. Time to stop chasing goals solving problems and start using my entire body and mind not just my head when making decisions. What is most important is developing clear Quality of Life Statements and living by them, that is the answer.

In a sense the real work starts after you make this decision. Do you have quality life statements that you live your life by?

Author: Penny Wolff




1 July 2018

Queen of Pops Australia selected in the Future Foods Bentleys MKtReady Incubator

Queen of Pops Australia was tickled pink to recently be selected to participate in the Future Foods Bentleys MktReady Incubator Program for 2018. The Incubator program was held in June at The Marriott Brisbane and it included a three-day intensive program followed with mentoring sessions designed specifically for food businesses with aspirations for growth in their market.

As part of Brisbane Marketing’s Future Food Initiative, the program offered attendees wonderful strategies, tools, conversations, techniques and approaches delivered by Bentleys, combined with business knowledge and advice delivered by industry experts. Added value at these types of events is the opportunity to meet and network with numerous industry leaders of from other food and beverage businesses in what is an exciting, thriving and collaborative industry here in Brisbane.

A highlight was Zarah Prior from Brewdog who really made us all sit up and listen. She encouraged us to re-write the rules of business and truly motivated the audience to “bleed your own brand”. Brewdog is an excellent example of crafting a culture, turning customers into brand ambassadors and delivering quite simply a great product. Many parallels could be drawn from Zarah’s examples that is similar to the craft coffee scene, this resonated strongly with us. This chance meeting with the Brewdog ladies (Zarah and Mimmi) has led to a wonderful collaboration for a future event for Wolff Coffee Roasters which we are super excited about.

Two other wonderful key note addresses came from Bernadette Ericksen and Cameron Turner. Bernadette from Flavour Creations discussed her amazing product innovation and growth all stemming from the need to assist dysphagia patients. Her business journey was incredible to hear and rightly so she was awarded the Telstra Women’s Business Award winner last year. Cameron Turner also shared so many great ideas through his life journey that led to the creation of his drink product Perkii. Interestingly, his delicious drink evolved out of thorough university research, which led to the decision to create this unique drink. Perkii is jam packed with healthy good bacteria and tastes amazing too.

Queen of Pops Australia was delighted to attend the Future Foods Bentleys MktReady Incubator, thank you Brisbane Marketing for this opportunity and exposing us to invaluable learnings and shared experiences that will assist us for future growth.

#MktReady #FutureFoodBNE

Author: Penny Wolff