Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Intermediate Course

2019 SEMESTER 1 & 2

05/06/19 | 09/07/19 | 06/08/19 | 10/09/19 | 22/10/19 | 12/11/19 | 17/12/19

This workshop picks up where the Beginner Course finishes on the pathway to becoming a barista. Having covered the fundamentals of espresso making, we now enter the Intermediate Course with the focus being on cafe workflow & customer service.

This course will cover:

Four essential Ingredients for Making an Espresso:

  • Espresso Machine
  • Grinder
  • The Coffee
  • Barista Practices

Taking care of Your Equipment:

  • Coffee Beverages – covering all coffees made within an espresso bar
  • Ergonomics – developing a system for workflow & productivity
  • Customer Service – key practices & recovery service principles


It is our recommendation that you have first attended the Mastering the Craft of Espresso – Beginner Course or have previous barista experience.

All participants will be required to wear enclosed shoes and sleeved shirts.

This is a group session with a maximum of 6 to 8 people per class. The course runs for one evening starting at 4:30pm and concluding at 7:30pm.

Cost: $180.00

If you would like to know more information please contact a member of our education Team 07 3267 5551 or email