Beginner Roasting Course

11 - 13 February, 2019 Details
8 - 10 April, 2019 Details
19 - 21 June, 2019 Details


This 3 day course will introduce you to the drum roaster, its operation, safety and maintenance procedures, basic concepts of heat application and airflow. We look at an array of basic measurement tools to reinforce best practices for work flow.

  • Roaster Operations
  • Temperature Control
  • Roasting Logs
  • Density Measurements
  • Method of Heat transfer (conductive, radiation and convection)
  • Endothermic and Exothermic reaction
  • Density and Roasting Loss
  • Maillard Reaction
  • Strecker Degradation
  • First Crack & Second Crack
  • Fire Risk and Safety Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance

The sensory component of the course will cover:

  • Olfactory – classifying aromatic compounds according to source
  • Retro nasal aroma
  • Aromatic Profiles
  • Coffee taste sensations

Over the past 3o years we have had the opportunity to work with many coffee producing families, co-ops and communities. We would like to create a unique cupping forum that allows you the opportunity to taste these coffees and get a better understanding of the connection between the farmer, the roaster and the consumer.


We recommend this course for those people who have no previous experience working on a coffee roaster. 

All participants will be required to wear enclosed shoes and sleeved shirts.

This is a group session with a maximum of 8 to 10 people per class. The course runs over 3 days starting at 9.00am and concluding at 3.oopm, with a light lunch provided.

Conducted by Master Roaster, Peter Wolff, in the Wolff College of Coffee and on our two Probatino Gas Roasters.

Cost: $1595.00 per person

If you would like to know more information please contact a member of our education Team 07 3267 5551 or email