Advanced Roasting Course

14 - 15 February, 2019 Details
22 - 23 June, 2019 Details


This Advanced Roasting Course is tailored for those who have completed the Mastering the Craft of Roasting & Cupping – Beginner Course. The focus is now on slow and fast ramping profiles, managing Rate of Rise curve to help you gain the practical direct experience using Cropster and similar products. We introduce you the concept of blending for end use as well as single origin roasting.

  • Increase and decrease of the drying phase and the effects on cup quality
  • Increase and decrease of ┬áthe Maillard Phase and the effects on the cup quality
  • Slow and Fast Ramping of Temperature and the effects on Volume, Acidity, Body, Bitterness and Soluble Solids
  • Decoding Rate of Rise
  • Roasting for Espresso and Filter Concepts
  • Concepts of Blending and Single Origin Roasting
  • Green Blending and Post Roast Blending

The sensory component of the course focuses on:

  • Cupping numerous blends
  • Cupping for roast variations
  • Cupping for flavour


We recommend this course for those people who have previous experience working on a coffee roaster and completed our Mastering the Craft of Roasting & Cupping – Beginner Course.

All participants will be required to wear enclosed shoes and sleeved shirts.

This is a group session with a maximum of 6 to 8 people per class. The course runs over 2 days starting at 9.00am and concluding at 3.oopm, with a light lunch provided.

Conducted by Master Roaster Peter Wolff at the Wolff College of Coffee and on our two Probatino Gas Roasters.

Cost: $1195.00 per person

If you would like to know more information please contact a member of our education Team 07 3267 5551 or email