The Tiller

A plant shoot that springs from the root or bottom of the original stalk.

The Tiller Coffee have crafted a relaxing retreat on the cusp of Alderley and Newmarket

Tucked inside the battered shell of an old shipping container, a cheery teal La Marzocco machine is brewing fresh cups of specialty coffee in a tranquil setting. While the cafe dream had been circling in Chris and Charlie Grainger’s heads for many moons without gaining momentum, it wasn’t until the opportunity to procure an old shipping container popped up that the couple put their plans into action. The result is The Tiller Coffee, a welcoming space where guests are inclined to linger over a good cup and a conversation.
Wolff Coffee Roasters has crafted a signature house blend for The Tiller to call their own. Named in honour of Newmarket’s former moniker, the Three Mile Scrub brew combines hints of toffee and blueberry to form the perfect cup of black coffee. A range of ethically sourced single origins and guest blends will also pass through the Tiller grinders, with filter coffee available by way of ChemexAeroPress or cold-drip. A small selection of baked nibbles is currently available, alongside Bahen & Co. chocolate and homemade Maltese dukkah, but a concise list of all-day dishes will hit the blackboard soon. Think simple but spot-on classics with a twist, like croissants bulging with crispy prosciutto and premium cheese.

Visit The Tiller


81 Mina Pde Alderley, Qld 4051


Monday – Friday 6:30am to 2:30pm
Saturday 7:00am to 12:00pm