Aida Batlle Cupping Forum

  • Cupping Forum - November
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

Aida Batlle Cupping Forum


This is a Wolff Coffee Roasters Brisbane EXCLUSIVE EVENT.

Aida was toted by The New Yorker as “a fifth generation coffee farmer and a first generation coffee celebrity” with a “deeply peculiar” approach to farming. The first female to win a Cup of Excellence, she is closely involved at every aspect of the process; scrupulously ensuring the highest standards are upheld. This November, you have the opportunity to talk to, learn from and taste coffee with Aida herself.

We are excited to be holding this event with such a highly regarded and inspirational woman in coffee. Aida will be sharing a producer’s take on specialty coffee and sharing with us her extraordinary journey so far. She will lead this cupping featuring coffee from her own farm, as well as from farms she has worked with. This is an exciting opportunity to enhance your understanding of coffee by tasting the effect of processing methods and learning from an expert about life at origin.

In the Cupping Forum we will taste a selection of delicious coffees alongside Aida. There will be coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro processed in three ways: washed, pulp natural and natural. We will also cup coffees from Mexico Aida has worked with through the Aida Battle Selection (ABS)program.

Finca Kilimanjaro Coffees
If Aida is the Beyoncé of coffee, then Finca Kilimanjaro is her greatest hit. This year we’ve secured three times the deliciousness with the coffee being processed as a fully washed, pulp natural and natural. This is an exciting opportunity to taste the effect of processing on flavour. We’re calling 2016 as the best we’ve ever tasted from this farm – and that’s saying a lot. Prepare yourself, these coffees are off the chart!

Aida Batlle Selection Coffees
Aida has been nurturing farmers in Mexico to help them improve the quality of their coffee. They work hard to meticulously follow ABS processes from picking all the way to shipping. In sharing her exceptional knowledge on coffee producing, Aida is revolutionising the quality of coffee coming out of many farms. Aida will be sharing five of these farms with us.


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