Freshly roasted specialty coffee

Our approach to coffee defines how we sell coffee to our wholesale accounts. It’s a relationship.

Wolff Coffee Roasters purchase fresh coffee right after the harvest directly from farmers at a sustainable price level, roast them in small batches and pack them immediately in one-way valve bags.

Our coffee is roasted per order and delivered fresh to your cafe. In other words … you will always have fresh roasted coffee.

We distribute La Marzocco espresso machines, Mazzer and Mahlkönig grinders and all the equipment you will need to brew the coffee in the best possible manner. We service the machines ourselves and make sure everything is calibrated correctly.

Even so, the best beans and most superb equipment is not enough. In fact, we believe the most important factor for your coffee quality is a well-educated barista. The barista should be well-trained in brewing coffee and communicating the coffee experience. As an integrated part of the Wolff Coffee Roasters wholesale model, we offer tailored training for your barista staff.

We will train your baristas and give them the necessary expertise to improve and sell your coffee quality.

Ongoing training classes where your cafe staff can learn more about preparing and presenting coffee.

Open cupping sessions, Jam Sessions, lectures and workshops with alternating topics on coffee and brewing.

If you are planning a new coffee shop or café contact us to hear how we can assist you with planning your business and getting to know coffee.